Serving industries from local restaurants 
all the way to national governments


Hospitals, Clinics, Hospices, Nursing, Homes
We specialize in automation of food waste handling in hospitals.

Innovative food waste pulping and transfer of your food waste is our specialty. Minimize handling and labor. Increase hygiene and safety. Reduce disposal costs and recycle more of your residual waste by segregating your food waste.


Casual, BBQ, QSR, Fine Dining
Whether you are a quick service restaurant chain, casual family dining, fine dining restaurant or food hall, HG has the right solution for your business. Our range of food waste handling equipment can solve your food waste needs. Pulping, grinding, vacuum transfer and turning your food waste into a compostable dry biomass means that you can reduce your trash spend, while diverting waste from landfill.
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Local, State, Federal
We collaborate with local municipalities to assist with optimising the supply chain for food waste. Separation at the source is key, followed by working with stakeholders to reuse what can be reused, then designing the best and most streamlined way of managing your organics waste. Contact us today for more information on how your municipality can mandate food waste being diverted from landfill through processing it with HG systems.

Industrial Food Processors

Manufacturing, Processors, Catering
Whether you’re a food manufacturer, food processor, or catering company, HG can help automate your production line food waste issues. Our innovative pulping and vacuum based transfer systems are the most water and energy efficient systems on the market today. Our systems are designed to be flexible with your operation, so you have various options at the back end in terms of how your food waste is prepared for reuse or to be hauled away.

Education & Corp. Offices

Schools, Colleges, Conventions
We have many corporate offices across the country who have chosen Hungry Giant systems to manage their food waste. From the 16th floor in NYC to sprawling corporate campuses in Florida, we have your food waste needs covered. Retrofitting or new builds are suitable, and we can assist with specification with architects and builders. Contact us today for more information on how HG can solve your food waste needs at your facility.

Government & Education

Military, Institutes, Colleges
Hungry Giant has supplied our solutions to military bases around the world. Whether it is the back of house at the commissary, food hall or base kitchens, we have many flexible solutions that can solve your food waste needs. We supply our custom solutions to schools, prisons, colleges, training institutes, food banks, hostels, and much more.


Hotels, Resorts, Casinos
We have supplied some of the world’s largest hotels, resorts, and entertainment facilities. If your facility has a growing food waste issue, contact us today to become a progressive, sustainable business where your net emissions are reduced through recovery of food waste. 

Increase the recyclability of your residual trash by diverting your food waste from landfill, cut your costs today by automating your food waste management and collection

Recreation and Travel

Airports, Concerts, Parks
HG supplies our range of innovative food waste recycling systems to airports, amusement parks, stadiums, concert halls, theaters and much more. Our industry leading vacuum operated food waste grinding, transfer, and dehydration systems mean we can engineer custom solutions for large airports, high rise facilities, theme parks and much more. Divert food waste from landfill, become more sustainable today. Create a compostable biomass that can be reused on site or hauled away for further processing.

Food Retail

Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, Malls
Hungry Giant can help your department store, grocery stores, supermarkets, or retail operations to process your food waste on site. Eliminate your food waste from being sent to landfill. Create a fully automated system for handling food waste. Our unique systems are more efficient than any other products on the market today. Grinding and pulping stations, vacuum transfer, dewatering- we do it all.

Marine and Offshore

Cruise Lingers, Ships, Docks
HG has supplied our technology to some of the largest cruise liners in the world. Food waste generation at sea can create complex problems. Discharging as grey water is becoming restricted or banned in some waters due to microplastics and nano plastics being discharged. Whether you are a commercial cruise liner, luxury liner, oil rigs or military, HG can engineer custom solutions to optimize food waste management onboard vessels.

Our systems create an inert biomass that is 93% volume reduced and optimized for storage. Its biologically stabilized and there is no risk of air borne pathogens being circulated around the vessel.

Dried biomass output can be incinerated or gasified on the ship which means you are 100% Food Waste Overboard Free. Eliminate micro and nano plastics making into the oceans.

Our condensate discharge does not contain any suspended solids (TSS), so there is no concern or risk of blocking membranes in black water microbial systems. In the absence of onboard incineration, the stabilized biomass can be offloaded in select ports, and because volume is reduced by 90%, the offload costs are drastically reduced.

We offer custom engineered solutions for ships, oil rigs. Often we have to alter our design to enable the machines to be fitted.

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Listen, we all know food waste is a GIANT problem and we are HUNGRY for change! We can all do better. Talk to one of our experts to work out the best way to manage your food waste today. Be gone- Greenhouse Gas emissions!
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