Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put into the Hungry Giant Bio-Dehydrator?
All organics including meats, vegetables, fruit along with WNWN certified, single use compostable products.
What can’t I put into the machine?
Large bones, oyster shells, wood cuttings, metals, or any unapproved plastics.
How long does it take to complete a cycle?
The drying process will take between seven and 24 hours depending on the size of the machine and the composition of the organic feed stock.
What weight and volume reduction can I expect to achieve?
Reductions will vary based on input material but you can expect a reduction in weight and volume in the 80-93% range.
Does it stink when the machine is in operation?
No. There maybe a mild organic smell when discharging the dried material at the end of the cycle.
What is the safety profile of the end product?
The bio-dehydrator raises the temperature of the material to 180F for three hours eliminating all pathogens and bacteria, creating a sterile, inert product with a number of beneficial applications.
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